Dining Furniture Maintenance: An Expert Guide

In the heart of Hanford, California, a charming city steeped in rich history, Oak & Sofa Liquidators has stood as a beacon of exceptional quality and unmatched furniture wisdom since 1994. As an expert in furniture care, we have a singular focus – to help you protect and maintain your treasured pieces.

In the spirit of preserving the splendor of your dining table and chairs, here's our curated guide.

Dining Table and Chair Maintenance: The secret of time-tested furniture longevity is straightforward – regular inspections and prompt maintenance. Each year, as the seasons shift and our homes breathe with fluctuating heat and humidity, your furniture feels the impact. The wood components subtly expand and contract, loosening screws and bolts, destabilizing joints, and over time, a once sturdy chair or table leg becomes a precarious liability. Fear not, with our timely upkeep suggestions, you can ensure your dining ensemble lasts for many delightful mealtime conversations.

How to Maintain Chair Fasteners: Initiate by cradling your chair on a soft layer (like a blanket) atop a table to keep scratches at bay. Commonly, you'll require a 4 or 5-millimeter hex wrench or a 10 or 12-millimeter box wrench for adjustments. If the tools elude you, remember, we're just a call away. Armed with your model numbers, we'll dispatch the right tools to your doorstep.

Should the chair legs feel overly loose, begin by lightly tightening the fasteners. Seat yourself on the chair to distribute weight evenly and then, finalize the tightening process. It's crucial to strike a balance – over-tightening can lead to damage, while under-tightening leaves the chair unstable. A simple manual tool should suffice, providing the finesse and control an electric drill might lack.

Table Stability: Embark on a similar approach for your table. Seated under it, use a crescent or box wrench to make slight adjustments to each table leg. Remember, extend its life with regular care and prevent damage from neglect.

No-Fly Zones for Your Dining Furniture: Keep moisture at bay, especially for extension tables. Leftover water lodged in the seams can wreak havoc on your table. Don't let a plastic covering betray your table by trapping moisture, which can lead to swelling, veneer lifting, or finish checking. Moreover, hot containers, chilled glasses, or standing water are your table's nemesis – they can create rings, induce swelling, or even damage the finish.

Leafing Your Table: If you need to replace or remove table leaves, get a buddy to help – one at each end. Align the pins and holes and ensure the grain pattern matches for a seamless look. Gently push from both ends or lift and push if the table sits on a carpet. Remember, your table appreciates a gentle touch.

By adhering to these simple, yet effective tips, your dining ensemble will continue to be a source of pride and joy. After all, at Oak & Sofa Liquidators, we understand the value of quality furniture and the love you have for it. If you have more queries, our customer service department is ready to assist. Let us help you continue the tradition of trust, quality, and longevity we've upheld since 1994.